my basic approach

It is not always clear what type of counselling is appropriate for individuals, teams or organizations. For this reason, I work out your counselling needs together with you. Where my own competences end, I refer you to suitable other consultants.

My work is characterized by the fact that I orientate myself towards your needs and objectives. At the same time, I work on a value-oriented basis: unconditional acceptance of the person seeking advice, clear feedback based on the objectives, recognition of change processes, appreciative interaction.

Gerhard Comelli (Professor of Organizational Psychology) has formulated some guiding principles for organizational development, which I believe are also valid for team supervision and individual coaching.

Social science findings are applied in the planning, implementation and evaluation of change processes. The consultant binds himself to an image of man borrowed from the so-called humanistic psychology – people want to develop and unfold. Those affected should be involved as transparently as possible

The focus of the consultation is not abstract learning, but experiential learning: work on concrete examples. The “how” of counseling is as important as the what.

Networking is becoming more and more important, hence also thinking in networks

Gehrhard Comelli